Appup caused Windows 7 64-bit to crash...

Appup caused Windows 7 64-bit to crash...

Hi Appup folks, I just got a new system (i7 3930x) and noticed after installing appup that my system would crash within 10 minutes until I uninstalled it. Before I had it installed the system was just fine. I am running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1. I noticed before the crash I would get this square black rectangle in the center of the screen and one time it said Appup was having an issue so I uninstalled it and it has not crashed yet. I even stopped the system from sleeping and it still crashed untill I uninstalled appup. I do not need to run appup on the system so I will leave it off for now till I hear what you might think it is. Regards, -Tony
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Sorry, I forgot to mention when the crashes occurred I was not working with Appup at all. I suspect appup was trying to check for updates or something else why would it be running some process without me launching it?


Sorry nothing wrong with appup. A day later I started having the same issue with Windows Update app. I may have found a issue with a SSD cable.
New Intel i7 3930Kx works great though!

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