Forum issues on smartphone

Forum issues on smartphone

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I tried accessing the forum from my smartphone today.  I searched for Intel Fortran Forum, and since the header had Intel Developer Zone in it, as far as I could tell I was on the correct site.

However, I could only access posts from 2002 to 2008.  I looked at first and last pages, sorted increasing and decreasing, and this was the whole date range available.



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Which smartphone and browser? I just tried it from an iPhone and didn't see any issues.

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There was an acknowledged downtime where much of the site content was taken off line temporarily for more correction of permissions. It's reported fixed now.
My 5 month old not-so-smart phone has a rough time with the new forum. Interesting to see that Intel phones were announced today for marketing as close to us as Mexico.

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Looks like the downtime is the explanation - I can access the material now.

BTW I'm using an LG smartphone with Android OS.

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