PXCMProjection instance is always null

PXCMProjection instance is always null

public override void OnGestureSetup(ref PXCMGesture.ProfileInfo pinfo)
base.OnGestureSetup(ref pinfo);
 int uid;
QueryCapture().device.QueryPropertyAsUID(PXCMCapture.Device.Property.PROPERTY_PROJECTION_SERIALIZABLE, out uid);
 PXCMBase projection;
PXCMMetadata metadata = (PXCMMetadata)QuerySession().DynamicCast(PXCMMetadata.CUID);
metadata.CreateSerializable(PXCMMetadata.CUID, uid, out projection);

 projectionCasted = (PXCMProjection)projection;

 I am trying to instantiate a PXCMProjection object using the above code.  It returns null for the projectionCasted.Please check is it the right way to do it? I am not sure as I have no knowledge of C++. It's been two days since I am totally stuck, please reply as soon as possible.
And I am  trying to simulate the mouse movement in my application, which I did but it was not at all smooth. So, if you have any suggestion please post here. 


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And also , I had to create a second account to access intel forums. When I try to login to my first account it just hangs up on the login screen which wasted many important hours of mine (Otherwise I could have asked this question two days before.). Please look into this matter.

Please refer to http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/368205 for workaround of PXCMProjection creation issue.

Please refer to http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/368205 for workaround of PXCProjection issue.

Mail in your query(about your account synching issue) to Intel Developer team they will resolve the query very fast

Abhishek Nandy

Thanks for the reply... But that didn't work and the app remains un completed. May be I can try next time. 

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