New HAVOK announced! avaiabilty on

New HAVOK announced! avaiabilty on

Hi will be new Havok anounced today that will be talked at GDC with supposed GPU accel as shown in PS4 event avaiable at soon i.e. this month?

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The material presented in the GDC presentation is part of Havok's ongoing R&D efforts. We're still trying to figure out the best ways to leverage the next generation hardware of the PS4, but we have no new products to announce at this time. In any case, these support forums are limited to PC development; console development is supported through other channels. I hope that answers your questions - and thanks for your interest in Havok!


Are there any plans for future releases of free PC binaries of Havok?

I'm using Visual Studio 2012, so using version 2012.1 of Havok is not an option since it was built with Visual Studio 2010, and therefore generates linker errors when using it with VS2012, so I'm really interested in a potential future VS2012 compatible version of the binaries.

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