How to collect nearby RigidBodies/Collidables?

How to collect nearby RigidBodies/Collidables?

Hello again dear community! 

My question is how can I collect other hkpRigidBodies/hkpCollidables close to a specific one? That would mean within a given radius. Is there a demo that I didn't see that covers this or is there a fast answer concerning my problem? 

I hope that I'm not reposting anything but advice would be very much appreciated! 

Thanks in advance.  

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Hi raibina,

I think using hkpWorld::getPenetrations() or hkpShapePhantom::getPenetrations() with a sphere shape will give the effect you're looking for. These functions returns a list of shapes that are currently overlapping the shape specified.

The Physics\Api\Collide\Queries\ShapeQuery\Penetrations demo uses these function if you want to see an example of them being used. The source file (ShapeQueryDemo.cpp) is quite large as it is 5 demos in one (& a lot of comments explaining the demo) but a search for "penetrations" should find the sections you need. The Collision Queries section in the User Guide might provide some more info on this topic as well.

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