Issues with OpenCL installer released in 2013

Issues with OpenCL installer released in 2013

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I am not sure I am posting in the write place, but I got some issues installing openCL on my computer, an error occurs and I don't know what is wrong.

I have got Windows7 32bits, with an Intel(R) core(TM) i7-3770T CPU. I downloaded the installer from your web site :


I got the software correctly downloaded : "intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2013_x86_setup.exe"

But when I run it, an error occurs and there is no way to learn anything more about what happened.

So my question is, considering my situation, do you know what am I doing wrong? And is there a solution?

Thanks for your attention.

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Please post your issue on this forum:

The OpenCL engineers are on that forum and will be glad to help you.


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