XDK zoom?

XDK zoom?

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I have been playing around with the new XDK, however, I noticed that when the builds are completed for testing, there is no option for users to zoom in on/enlarge the content displayed on the mobile device. Does anyone know how to enable the zoom feature in the XDK?

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i've once read a topic about it maybe you'll learn more from it: http://forums.appmobi.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=536

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I think there is a option you may search in product documentation for help

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Sizing down to fit the various screens is working fine with Viewport. What we want to do is enlarge/zoom in, but can't because the pinch to zoom in/out is not working. I found a posting that is almost 2 years old (posted July 2011) on the appMobi Forums. It indicates that when you choose viewport in a mobile web view, you can not use the pinch controls to zoom in/out. I'll need to dig a bit further, but hopefully, there is a fix/solution around this. The appMobil Viewport seems to work fine with iOS. I wonder if the pinch controls to zoom in/out is a limitation of the Android OS? Here is a link to the Forum posting http://bit.ly/11u19Ap

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hi man there is no much imformations about XDK Zoom but I found this link i hope it be useful:


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Hi nkhli m,

Thanks for the posting the link. I already saw the post on the appmobi forums. The suggestion was to implement a hack around the XDK, which was not recommended (which I also agree with). I'm going to continue to dig around to see if there is a way to implement the pinch to zoom in/out with the XDK for the Android OS platform. As I mentioned in my earlier post, pinch to zoom in/out is working with iOS through the XDK.

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I made a quick hack that pops the emulator window out and 1:1 scale - only works with the non-tablet devices (not sure why yet). 

JudLup Luna

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