Visual Studio 2012 compatibility ?

Visual Studio 2012 compatibility ?


I am very happy to use Havok in a personal project, however I have switched to Visual Studio 2012 and I wanted to continue to use Havok library with my project converted into VS2012. I got some errors when I tried to link the VS2010 library into the VS2012 project (which is quite normal :))

Do you have an estimated date of the release of the Havok library compiled with Visual Studio 2012 ?

Best regards,
Guillaume LE BILLER 

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Hi Guillaume,

The latest version of Havok (2013.1) released last week actually just added Visual Studio 2012 support. As the packages are being built and uploaded, you may have to wait for a few weeks before the VS 2012 compiled version is available to download.

Hope you'll have fun with your new IDE :)

Val - Havok Software Engineer - Physics

That's a really great news !
I am really looking forward downloading this new package :)



how does it look with Havok release with support for VS2012 (Free PC binary only version)?

I am very interested in this as well. Thanks.

Hi All--

We're glad to hear you're anticipating our next release. At this point, it's likely that our next PCXS update will be timed to coincide with (or shortly follow) the intial release of Project: Anarchy, Havok's new free engine offering for mobile platforms. See here for more details:


And Anarchy is out. That was fast. Congrats HavokTim! Should we look for the 2013.1 libraries for Intel/VS2012 here or will there be someplace new to find them? Thanks.

Hi all--

I wanted to ping back on this thread and note that PCXS v.2013.1 is now available, and supports VS 2012. Enjoy!


Yay! Downloading now. Thanks Tim!

Presumably for x64 builds of the libraries I'll need to contact the sales department, right? Thanks.

Really great news. Thanks Tim !

Hi Adam S.--

That's correct, PCXS is still limited to x86 libraries.


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