Intel going over to the dark side?

Intel going over to the dark side?

I cannot install mkl and I own it, viz., I own the version which I tried to install.  My license was perfectly valid for 10.3.11 though it did later expire.  But I am only trying to re-install 10.3.11.  I know Intel has never claimed to be a pure rental model, therefore this must be illegal.  I am very angry at having wasted my whole evening trying to install mkl 10.3.11.  Please help soon, as I am starting to like the idea of giving Intel some very bad advertising.
Sincerely, Paul F Ringseth --

Math Hacker Paul
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Paul, what OS are you working on? in the case if you lic file is wrong - we will generate another one.

Paul, checking our internal database we can see that you have  Math Kernel Library for Windows* Version: 10.2 EVAL version only.

Would you please clarify what exact version do you have and is it COM or EVAL version?

Paul, the private email has been sent by this address:

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