Maya2014 ContentTool Plug-Ins

Maya2014 ContentTool Plug-Ins


What is the plan for the content tool plugins for Maya 2014. Is there a download for that somewhere? Are the plug-ins being compiled? Or, is there another roadmap plan for this part of content creation?



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Hi TJ--

The latest version of Havok (2013.1) includes support for Maya & 3DS Max 2014. The commercial version of Havok 2013.1 is already available, but the PCXS packages aren't ready yet. Release of this update will probably be timed to coincide with (or shortly follow) the intial release of Project: Anarchy, Havok's new free engine offering for mobile platforms. See here for more details:

It's unclear whether we'll be releasing content tools for older Havok versions (v.2012.2 and earlier) that support Maya/Max 2014 under the PCXS license.


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