CGO and convex decomposition

CGO and convex decomposition

Hello there!

I'm trying to use the convex decomposition version of havok, but so far i encounter some issues.

1- the docs appear to be outdated. They still the same as before when CGO was in beta version. Is there a new documentation?

2- I am using the havok version: Havok_Physics_Animation_2012-2-0_PC_XS_win32_VS2010_noSimd_keycode_perpetual_20130320

even them, i could not locate any include files as the docs said: #include <Common/Internal/GeometryProcessing/CollisionGeometryOptimizer/hkgpCgo.h>

there is no such file. Weird.

3- No demo application. No docs, no tests, no cpp... nothing.

but the "Havok_2012-2-0_Release_Notes.html" is saying that there is a new feature (COM-1724) wich is exactly what i'm looking for, pointing to an include file that doesnt exist (hkgpCgo.h)

what i am doing wrong?

can someone provide some guidelines to make CGO work in havok?

what i need is to take a concave geometry and simplify it as a set of convex shapes

any help is very appreciated!

- Luis

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Hi Luis--

Unfortunately, convex decomposition & CGO are not included as part of the free PCXS distribution; they're only available to paying clients. The documentation includes references to it because the product manuals are essentially the same for PCXS and our regular licensed client release. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Thanks!


Hi Tim,

What can i say.. i hate to be poor hehe

One of these days Mary... one of these days...  ;)

Jokes aside, thanks for your feedback. Now everything makes sense.

Have a nice day.

- Luis

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