Problems generating reflections

Problems generating reflections

I'm trying to generate reflections for my custom classes using the script, as described in "Generating the Reflection Data" of the docs. However, I'm given to understand that this script relies on another utility, the "Havok Parser", of which there seems to be sparse information about-- I've found a section in the documentation that talks about it briefly: "The Havok Parser", however I can't find any mention of filename, nor obvious files that fit the description, of this parser. The documentation never gives a filename to look for, and only passively mentions that it should be in a zip file, but doesn't say anything at all about where this utility can be found, or downloaded from.

I find this quite odd to begin with, as I'd think that since the generateReflections script is included without any extra work, in the PCXS distribution, that the relied-upon utility would also be included in some form that doesn't require unzipping, downloading, or anything else. As far as I can tell from the documentation, this is a custom utility created or modified for Havok, so I can' see any reason why it wouldn't just be included with everything else.

But regardless of that, the issue I'm having is that I don't have this utility, as far as I can tell. Does the documentation actually tell me how to go about acquiring it separately, that I've just missed? Or is it included already and I'm just not finding it? Or am I just going about this in completely the wrong way?

It is my understanding that I just need to run the script using my source code directory as an argument, however it's giving me the output of RuntimeError: Unable to find the havok parser -- ensure the HAVOK_PARSER_ROOT environment variable is set correctly. However, I've been unable to find the correct directory to set this environment variable to!

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