Big issue with recent drivers on HD4000

Big issue with recent drivers on HD4000


after a break of several monthes (birth of my daughter), I tried to launch a code that used to run on an Intel IGP platform, after upgrading to the latest version of the drivers.

Lots of thing are not rendered correctly. (this used to work, and works perfectly on ATI / NVidia hardware)

After 2 days trying to figure what happens, it seems that (at least) the latest version of the driver discards drawcalls with a "null" vertex shader.

By "null" I mean a VS taking nothing as input and outputing nothing, like this:

void main( uint _uiVertexId : SV_VERTEXID )

I often use this kind of VS when all the Geometry is generated in the GS. In this case I don't need a VS but D3D needs one, even if it does nothing.

I can send you by (private) email a short EXE (300 KB) with some HLSL code that shows the bug.

Ronan BEL / Ubisoft Montpellier

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