Batch Convert HKX Wavelet Compression

Batch Convert HKX Wavelet Compression

I was wondering is there a way to just take a whole folder of HKX animation files and just wavelet compress them all sepeately. I actually didn't know about this at first. And I'd rather not have to re export about 100 animations with those settings. Is there a quicker way to go about compressing them all?

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Hi Miles,

Have you had a look at Section " The Standalone Filter Manager" in the User Guide? This tool can be used to batch process assets without the need to use a modeler. The hctStandAloneFilterManager application should be located in your Havok Content Tools install location. Section "4.3.6 Animation Filters" also goes through each of the animation filter options you can use so it might be worth a read as well if you haven't looked at it already.

Amy Developer Support Engineer Havok

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