Multi treaded cashing ?

Multi treaded cashing ?


Not sure if this is the correct place to post this.

I run a small animation business and we mainly produce animations for the engineering sector.

With most of our animations we need to produce complex simulations and we currently rely on the bullet engine inside Cinema 4D.

When we're cashing a simulation to disk the software only uses one tread which is very slow with cmplex scenes.

My question is this. Can the Havok plugin for Max / Maya cashe simulation much faster?

I would be willing to purchace Max / Maya and Havok if it meant we could produce faster simulations.


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Hi Cian--

Are you asking about the Reactor plugin for 3DS Max? If so, Reactor was replaced in 3DS Max 2012 with a new product called MassFX which does not use Havok technology. For support questions about Reactor in older versions of 3DS Max, you should contact Autodesk.

Having said that, Havok might still be useful for your team. It sounds like your team performs physical simulations in Cinema 4D, then saves off the resulting motion as an animation. Is that a correct description? If so, it would be possible to set up a similar pipeline that involved exporting your scene from a modeller, loading it in a stand-alone application based on Havok, running your simulation, and saving off the result as an animation. Writing this stand-alone application would require some programmer support, however.

If you can describe your pipeline in more detail, I can provide more precise details. Thanks!


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