Solution of system of equations

Solution of system of equations

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I am using Intel Fortran Composer with IMSL and trying to solve a system of equations with the imsl routine LSARG. I decarded USE LSARG_INT and called by CALL LSARG (A, B, X). But I am seeing the following error: 

Error 1 error #6285: There is no matching specific subroutine for this generic subroutine call. [LSARG] D:\Fortran Programming\Project2\Project2\program02_version13.f90 689.

It is noted that I used, include 'link_fnl_shared.h', to link with IMSL.

Can anybody help me in this regard?

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Please show the declarations of the arguments A, B and X that are passed to the subroutine.

I don't understand what you mean by "decarded". Do you mean "declared" or "discarded"?

Whether or not you use the INCLUDE statement should have no effect on compile time errors, since all it does is to issue a directive to the linker.

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Hi, many thanks for your reply. However, I declared A, B and X as follows:

doubleprecision::A(n,n),B(n,1),X(n,1), where n is a integer parameter.

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Sorry, I made mistakes to declare the argument. I corrected it as doubleprecision::A(n,n),B(n),X(n) and now it is working.

Thanks for your kind help.

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