Abstraction and Cilk_shared

Abstraction and Cilk_shared

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    Is there any way to use abstraction and _Cilk_shared. In normal C++ you can just do

abstract_class * classp;
classp = new base_class();

To use new using _Cilk_shared one must perform a vector to wrap the class as seen in http://software.intel.com/sites/default/files/article/326700/effective-use-of-compiler-features-for-offload.pdf at the end of page 14. However if the base class is abstract how does one do this as one cannot create a abstract class.

Cheers, Mark

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#pragma offload_attribute(push,_Cilk_shared)
#include "offload.h"
#pragma offload_attribute(pop)

class _Cilk_shared abstract_base_class {
  virtual void f() = 0;   // Pure virtual function.

class _Cilk_shared derived_class : public abstract_base_class
  virtual void f() {}

void f()
        derived_class *p = (derived_class *)_Offload_shared_malloc(sizeof(derived_class));


The example above shows how to allocate and free objects using _Cilk_shared memory.


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