Looking for a Mentor.

Looking for a Mentor.

Hi there. Wasn't really sure where to post this. I'm currently a CS student attending Regis University (online) and I was looking for someone to mentor/tutor me. Maybe bounce some ideas off them on different assignments/topics within my classes etc.

We are coding in C++ and using Visual Studio 2013.

Thanks so much!


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Hi Jenn - feel free to send me a direct message.  I used to do a lot of C++ coding on mobile platforms.  I've moved mostly to C# but I'd  be happy to try and answer your questions.


http://www.themethodology.net http://www.vancouvermobile.net

Hi Jennifer, You could post any C/C++ related questions here and I'm sure many of IDZ users will try to help you.

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Plus it would be great to see some new code related discussions.

http://www.themethodology.net http://www.vancouvermobile.net

>>...Plus it would be great to see some new code related discussions.

You need to be more specific.

In overall, only a couple of IDZ users provide sources when there is some problem. Most of the time there are technical discussions related to application of different Intel technologies.

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