Lenovo K900 ifwi and dnx patch engineering?

Lenovo K900 ifwi and dnx patch engineering?

Hello! Could you clarify the question? As a software developer, I can get a firmware image engineering (ifwi and dnx) for Lenovo K900 CPU intel atom z2580? Or is this a question for Lenovo? Thanks in advance!

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This forum is more focused on app development resources, but Intel does have some great system-level Android development resources and contacts on our Open Source site:


You'll probably find the best answer to your question in the community/lists over there. 

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You should ask this question to Lenovo.

We don't support system development on systems published by OEMs yet. We working on improving this. There will be a program soon where you can buy a certain hardware and you get from Intel everything you need for System development. It will be announced at this website: http://software.intel.com/en-us/android/articles/mobile-development-plat... . You can simply subscribe to it to get notified for updates. 


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