Windows8 libraries

Windows8 libraries


I'm getting ready to switch from 2012.2.0 to 2013 HAVOK SDK. In the package I've received I found windows7 and windows8 libraries for vs2012.

Can you tell me what is the reason for generating distinct sets of libraries for these two OS?



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Hi Dragos,

The main reason for a Windows 8 specific package is that to release an app on the Windows Store certain requirements are necessary. The Havok Win8 libraries are built using different system APIs from the Win7 libraries and that guarantees adherence to those requirements.

For instance, the usual Windows threading interface is not allowed for Win8 Windows Store certified apps and the Havok base libraries will use a different mechanism on the Win8 build for that reason.

So, while the compiler may be the same or almost identical, Havok uses different system APIs on Windows8 and Windows 7 to guarantee adherence to Windows 8 app release standards. Nothing must be locking, dialogue with the operating system is based on asynchronous requests, etc.

Therefore, if your objective is building a windows 7 or windows 8 _desktop_ application, the Win7 package is what you should use. If you want to build a windows _Metro_ app then the windows 8 package is your only choice. The windows 8 Havok package also obviously allows you to build Windows 8 desktop apps.

I hope this helps.


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