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Contact Form

I would like to create a contact form in my app so that users can send me the feedback or question, anyone have any idea how to do that? Thanks.

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When it comes to developing a contact form, you will need to develop both the client side (HTML) and the server side (PHP). The server will be used to interpret the submitted inputs from the user(client).

The following link provides step by step instructions for creating the client side contact form and also steps for developing the PHP code on the server.

Elroy Ashtian, Jr.

I am using Intel XDK to develop my app, is this work on Intel XDK as well?

Yes. You will need to also include the <script> tag below in the <head> tag of your index.html to send and receive Cross Origin requests when you submit your contact form data to your server.

<script src="intelxdk.js"></script>

<!--Add the following script after the intelxdk.js script tag-->

<script src="xhr.js"></script>

Elroy Ashtian, Jr.

I am new to XDK and not familiar with php, can you share more details information on how does the whole thing works? Appreciate with your help.

php is the commonly used programming language on your server for handling data sent/posted from your client application's contact form.  You can find step-by-step instructions for writing the php code at

Elroy Ashtian, Jr.

Mooi Yee L, You can use WebSQL to storage this list. 

Yeah you need a web server with a server side program running to retrieve data. And your HTML application can send the data to that IP address.


It will be very easy if you load an externel form to your app. For an example you can use google forms(which can be created using your google drive),where you can customize which data needs to be collected , what are the requires fields? Etc.

The responses will be saved on to your google drive as an spreadsheet.

The only drawback is that you need an active internet connection to use the form.(you can load it using an iframe)





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