how to copy d3d9 surface to dxva2 surface

how to copy d3d9 surface to dxva2 surface

I am using intel media sdk 2014 R2 in windowns 7 x64.

The directx sdk version is Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010). IDE is VS2010.

I want to use it to encode d3d9 rendertarget surface.

but I can't copy d3d9 surface to dxva2 surface.

The function of IDirect3DDevice9::StretchRect() always return error.

I'm sure the both surfaces has the same size and d3dformat.

How can I do about it? 

Very thanks.


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I have solve this problem. I made two mistake:

1 I use IDirect3D9 object. It seems to use IDirect3D9Ex object is fine.

2 I locked the target surface before to call StretchRect().

I'm sorry to bother you.

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