How much is the HavokDestruction?

How much is the HavokDestruction?

hello everybody:

          I want to buy the Havok Destruction,but I don't know how much is it?Is there Anybody can tell me the price? thank you!


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I think that depend on your project details,support kind, company and etc :


Hope that help you


Hi Wang,

I'm only a tech person (not sales) so I can't tell you exactly what this will cost but as H.Ahmadi said above it will depend on your project and mostly on the type of licence you are looking for.

Before you commit to spending alot of money or worry about the costs I would also suggest having a look at the hkpBreakOffPartsUtil that comes with the Physics2012 product. This can create a simpler "destruction" effect that might be suitable for your project. Have a look at the DestructibleBridgeDemo (Demos\Physics2012\UseCase\Destruction\DestructibleBridge) and search the manual for hkpBreakOffPartsUtil for more information.

I hope this helps

Amy Developer Support Engineer Havok

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