tracer.exe do no works

tracer.exe do no works


I am trying to use the tool tracer.exe but an exception is thrown when the method Init of MFXVideoSession is called?

Any idea? I have attached the file generated until the exception.

Thank you and regards,


Download analyzer_3.log294.95 KB
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Hello, I forgot to say that I know that the problem is with the tracer tool because when is not executing the call to Init() works ok.


Thank you and regards

Hi maquemo,

From the analyzer log it looks like to be an issue with finding/opening the registry key. You can check if it is present in the registry editor of your machine. You can find details about the dispatcher in the installed_folder\opensource\mfx_dispatch\readme-dispatcher.rtf

Another thing which can be helpful is to run mediasdk_sys_analyzer which basically analyzes the system and reports back Intel Media SDK related capabilities, driver and components status and send log. There is a readme present in the tools\mediasdk_sys_analyzer for more details. This can help us ruling out any OS or driver issues. 

Please let us know your finding. Thank you for your question. 


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