Intel® Parallel Studio lpc3 Whats New

About Intel® Parallel Studio Service Pack 1 (SP1):

Intel® Parallel Studio SP1 provides the latest new features, performance, standards, and usability enhancements, plus fixes.

What's New Overview

Intel® Parallel Composer:

  • Enhanced performance  C and C++ compiler is now up to 47% faster than the nearest competitor through memory, auto-parallelization, and vectorization optimizations
  • Standards- Intel® Parallel Composer C++ Compiler 12.1 IA support of IEEE 754-2008 standard for Binary and Decimal floating point
  • C++0x standards- support for Variadic templates enables variable number of arguments
  • Lambda Expressions support

Intel® Threading Building Blocks 4.0:

  • Flow Graph- flexible API for expressing static and dynamic dependencies between computations
  • Concurrent Unordered Set- thread-safe container to store and access user objects
  • Memory Pools- flexibility and performance by getting thread-safe and scalable object allocation
  • Generic GCC* Atomics Support- library portability enables Intel® TBB-based solutions on a broader range of platforms
  • Arbitrary nesting- improved interoperability with Intel® PBB enables composability advantages for Intel® Cilk™ Plus users

Intel® Cilk™ Plus:

  • Enhanced SIMD pragma support– improved scalability and performance with SIMD pragma loops, vector length, and elemental functions support
  • SIMD pragma clause- "vectorlengthfor" provides more architectural and scalable way to define vector lengths of loops
  • Holder Hyperobjects- saves time and improves performance by enabling per-thread temporary storage
  • Intel® Cilk™ Plus v1.1implemented with commercial support, simplifies going parallel
  • Mac* OS support
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