Ultrabook with Digital Signage. Win7

Ultrabook with Digital Signage. Win7


I have readed on this forum we can develop with sensors API on Win7. My question is: where we can found the drivers in order to install Windows 7 on Intel Ultrabook ?? After test our products on Win8, we would like to test it on Win7.



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You will have to check with the OEM manufacturer of the Ultrabook for Windows 7 drivers. If you have an Intel software development platform, use Premier Support for drivers.

Hi Bob,

Thank you very much. I had a problem with the registration process. The support team resolved it.
I will send comments about my experience with Win7 and the Sensor API.


Hi, It's nice, more security for make a good app.

Check your manufacturer web site, they are all included there. I have known that idea from a friend of mine working from http://www.digiteksf.com/direct-mail/.

Hi James,

What on earth is the relevance of a site providing direct mailing rates?


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