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Windows 8 Store App support does not mention Windows 8/Visual Studio 2012 as supported platforms for the AppUp SDK, so how do we develop Windows 8 Store apps for AppUp?

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The simplest answer is you cannot. Windows 8 STORE apps can only be distributed thru the Windows 8 Store. However you can distribute Windows 8 Desktop mode apps via AppUp.

Most people think Desktop Mode on Win8, is just Windows 7, but that's not entirely accurate. There are Windows 8 features that can be accessed from Desktop Mode. Also Desktop mode apps can take advantage of bindings, API, and drivers either incompatable or not yet functional for the Windows 8 UI/Store mode of the OS, (ie.OpenGL). Touch, Sensors and a lot of other featuers are available to the Desktop side of Windows 8. On the Windows 8 Store side you get the full suite of WinRT APIs, the Live Tile feature in the Win8 UI and of course distribution thru Windows 8 Store.

It's the developers choice per Win8 Store or Win8 Desktop mode. Benefits to both side. Per AppUp specifically you would need to build your app for desktop mode.

You can not store any app on windows 8 ..simply it can only be distributed and it is not like windows 7 ..there are some benefits of windows 8 but i would prefer windows 7

I read the original post in a slightly different way; the OP was asking why Win8/VS2012 aren't on the list of approved environments. As people are developing with Win8 Release Preview etc. it might have been helpful to add these pre-release environments to the list with appropriate caveats of course.

@daflippers, you are are correct. I was asking about support for developing modern "Windows 8 UI" apps. It seems they are currently not supported inside AppUp (for obvious reasons).

You can use intel xdk to compile your html5 app for the windows store. 

I tried it and here is my app -

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