Lots of WinRT Advice and Snippets

Lots of WinRT Advice and Snippets

Hi Guys,

I have recently completed a challenge with Intel to produce a feature packed Ultrabook app, and I chose to write a complete WinRT engine to get the job done. Along the way I discovered lots of little pearls of wisdom and I realised as I was updating my IDZ profile that I may not have posted the blog to as many places as I might have done.  To this end I have added the link to all six blogs here. So if you are interested in getting DirectX, Sensors, NFC, Notification, Visual Studio or WinRT extension to play nicely, check out my protracted blog on the subjects.  Enjoy!

The Blog Fest: http://ultimatecodertgc.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/intel-ultimate-coder-challenge-part-one.html

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Thanks for sharing Lee.

Hi Lee, how are you black belt?

I've contributed quite a bit over the years, not just in this forum, and my rating got boosted quite a bit when my dev company won a whole car at the IDF keynote by producing a great MeeGo game under 'challenging' development conditions. I also participate in some Intel 'talking circles' from time to time and occasionally help out with the convention booths. It's an accolade that comes with certain responsibilities, but coming from a tech-head background I've found it great fun collaborating with Intel! You can read my latest 'offering' on Perceptual Computing here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/perceptucam-case-study

I learned many things about your perceptual computing. Thank you Lee for sharing that.

Really man,I have never seen such a hardworking and cheerful person like you.Thumbs Up

Lee, you are great and talented. Please be more knowledgeable to gain higher posts. Thankyou.

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