Multitouch for Dialog Based MFC Application

Multitouch for Dialog Based MFC Application

Hello Friends, 

                     We are trying to incorporate Multitouch(5-Point touch), in dialog based application using MFC. We are not able to Register the touch message(WM_TOUCH) with window7/8.

In multitouch we need WM_TOUCH to be working ,which should happen after registration of RegisterTouchWindow(hwnd,0); For reference  .

We are following the Last steps given in reference For MFC Dialog based application. But the issue faced is "m_hWnd" not compatible with BOOL . As it is RegisterTouchWindow(BOOL,ULONG) in dialog based application using "afxwin.h" as header file.

As we have refered in SDI and MDI application using MFC we assign hwnd=CreateWindow(...); which acts as a handler and is used in RegisterTouchWindow(hwnd,0); which registers it.

In dialog based we invoke dialog as ---> Int var=dlg.DoModal();which is called in CDemoApp.cpp

If we give RegisterTouchWindow(); without parameters and override it.It still doesnot register as parameter is required.

Using CreateWindow(); in dialog based ,the application doesnot work as we donot need to create new window ,as we are calling Dialog Frame....

We are facing problem m_hWnd as given in refernce as how to assign it.Please Help!

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