Windows 8 RC

Windows 8 RC


In order to update our applications to use it with Ultrabook and Windows 8, I'm trying to install visual Studio 2012 RTM. The problem is: I can install VS RTM on Windows 8 RTM (i have it in MSDN).

Can I update the Ultrabook to Windows 8 RTM ?? How to do it ?? With an pen drive, or DVD ??

I understand that the drivers are the same....


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You can upgrade to Windows RTM. You need an MSDN or Technet subscription then you can download RTM. If you do this you may need to reinstall drivers. If you have an Intel SDP then you can get the drivers from Premier Support

Hi Bob,

Thanks. Yes, Ultrabook has a pendrive with Win8 drivers. I will download Win8 RTM from MSDN.


I assume same goes for retail version once released next week.


Hi, if you paid for this, you can update to last version or the version that you have permit, I suggest you install Ubuntu.

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