Are the sensors documented anywhere, specifically what outputs are available?  I can see that Geolocation is not reporting Heading/Speed etc. and misreports  Also no timestamps on inc/gyro etc.

Is this hardware, OS (I'm still on Release preview on SDP)  or driver issue


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Hi David,
We actually have some sample code that uses Sensor and touch:

please download them and check them out.

Also, it sounds like you may have driver issues. Did you upgrade to Windows 8 RTM? If so, please get the latest drivers from Intel Premier Support. We have some new drivers that should fix the issue.

If you have more questions, please email me:

Hi Norman,

Thanks for your reply. All drivers are up to date but I'll move to RTM over next day or so. Do I have to re-install everything or is it fairly painless?

I caught your demo on the webinars back in July/Aug and when I have more questions I'll take you up on the PM route.


Hi Norman,
what is the best place to start learning about sensors and implementing in a game(Implementation using C Sharp).Are there any links?

Thanks a lot Bob,the links are immensely helpful.

I can confirm sensors still appear not to provide all data following upgrade to Win8 RTM and all drivers updated. I'll drop Norman a mail on Monday.

Anyone going to be at Swindon on Nov 6th?


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