Action Script 3 Accelerometer Support

Action Script 3 Accelerometer Support

I had a quick question about the sensors in the windows 8 ultrabook. I am attempting to create a game that utilizes the accelerometer inside the ultrabook, but am using AS3 with Adobe Air as my programming language. When I do a "Accelerometer.isSupported" check, it says that it is not supported. What am I doing wrong, or will this just not work.

Any help is appreciated,


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I assume you have an Ultrabook with sensors and you have confirmed the Accelerometer is working using an alternative method? If so then it sounds to me like Action Script issue. I could also be Windows version, what are you running?


I am currently running windows 8 pro build 9200 (not yet registered) but I have not yet found a way to test it otherwise either...I am thinking that it may be a driver issue at this point...

After some searching I found the sensor array and did some tests. I proved that the sensors are functioning and look cool, but I still don't know how to get action script 3 to read those numbers.

Hi Alex,

I assume you have tried the sample code at the bottom of and further example

Minimum requirements appear to be AIR 2, Flash Player 10.1.

Just going through the obvious.


Hi all,

I have similar problem. We need to certificate our application based on Adobe AIR. However ADOBE AIR isn't compatible with Win8. Is this correct ?
Can you install Adobe Air on Win8 ??


I've asked around and it doesn't look like AIR has access to the sensors. Check with Adobe on their plans to support these hardware features. You can see if sensors are working in device manager. You should see Intel sensors listed there. If not listed or listed with a yellow caution mark then there is a driver issue

Hi Bob,

Alex has checked the sensors are working using an alternative method so it looks like it's in Adobe's court.


I have somewhat concluded that Adobe Air doesn't have access to the sensor bundle at this time, but I am messing around with the work-around method of using the javascript API and outsourcing the data back to adobe air, but I am not sure if that will work either...It seems like it should be possible to define your own place to look for these sensors in AS3 but I don't know about that...

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