Ultrabook and Win8 - Good and bad

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The issue arised due to upgradation of Skydrive service to OneDrive service. Your desktop client should work fine now that MS servers have been patched.

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International

Hi Harsh,

What makes you believe the issue was due to change in service name?  I experienced the issues way back in October last year when I first started using Skydrive seriously.


Hello David,

Currently some desktop and mobile clients have faced skydrive issues due to onedrive upgrade. But automatic rollouts were made to make the transition smooth. However a issue back in october suggests a problem in netwok level sync. I personally don't know a MS bay server which ran OneDrive beta last year! Did you used to get a particular error code or a log file ws generated ?

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International

Hi Harsh,

I have Skydrive to sync and have files available offline so I sync files on more than one device.  This meant I pushed a lot of data and files (about 35GB) into Skydrive.  It coped pretty well but occasionally I have to give it a kick to force the sync. 

How do you use Skydrive/OneDrive?


have you guys ever constum your own suit?

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I find that installing the free Pokki app and configuring it the way I want makes some Win 8 and 8.1 complaints moot.  I boot directly to desktop now and the Pokki start popup is even better than Microsoft's.  Basically it's like running Windows 7.


Oh Pokki looks pretty impressive - thx for the link. I've been using Soluto for the same purpose: https://www.soluto.com/


Anyone have a favorite portable USB 3 hub?

I'm doing more work with sensors and mobile and 2 USB ports isn't cutting it - one more would make a such a difference


Windows 8 scares off the enterprise users, though some features of the new Windows are nice to personal users, they are not very friendly to professional employees. Still cannot understand why Microsoft insist on providing one UI to  different  users over different devices.

coding for fun

Hi JW,

Corporate users are always late adopters and Windows 8 was a big technology leap.  Many firms were only moving to Windows 7 because XP was end of life. 

8< Still cannot understand why Microsoft insist on providing one UI to  different  users over different devices.

Well Windows 8/10 have 2 UIs and WP10 will provide the same Metro/Modern/Tile UI as Windows 10.  If you develop code for Windows 10 using WinRT API it will run on Windows Phone 10 without change (providing you handle screen sizes correctly). Both use the same development tools.

To use touch you have to reengineer the UI because trying to use touch on the Windows 7 desktop is an very poor UX.  That reengineered UI is the modern apps UX used on WP and Windows 8/10.

I hope that helps,



I would suggest windows 8.1 for tablets.

I personally think that the problems caused by windows 8 due to the new metro screens, will be fixed in windows 10. It's going to be the best after windows 7.


Hi, could you solve the problem?

JudLup Luna


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