Ultrabook touch screen response.

Ultrabook touch screen response.

Hello, I'm working with an ISV who develops an app that uses the touch screen as a music controller. He says that by default, the touch screen seems to have some considerable latency & threshold time, and a fairly slow update rate. The app would work much better if it responded quicker, even at the expense of more "false touch" events.

Is there any way to control / calibrate the update rate of the device & the minimum threshold time to trigger a touch event? At the moment it seems like there's a delay of processing any touch events of about 20-40ms, and that touch events with duration less than 20-40ms are ignored by the system. The app would work a lot better with a faster update rate.

I looked at the specifications of his Ultrabook and the description of his touch screen is the following:

CPT/Younglighting* UX31 (CLAB133UA02 CG) 13.3" LCD eDP panel with Cando+Atmel* touch screen



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Hi Peter,

As a first step have a look at Bob's post http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/ultrabook-touch-and-sensor-reso.... You should be able to tweak the touch events.


Hi David,

Thanks for that link.


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