Regarding appup submission process

Regarding appup submission process


It is very hectic to submit applications on this store . We need to regsiter ourself with the comodo for the validation of our business but what about the individual developers who don't have their own business . And the worst part is that you will never get verified throught the comodo if you are not a business because they will not call you from your contact information , they will ask you to register on any yellow page site and they will pick it form there which itself requires that you are a company otherwise they will not list you in their site.




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We have many independent developers who have received certificates from Comodo. The process is to confirm you are who you say you are. I'm checking on the yellow pages issue, but I assume the idea is to have something outside of yourself that recognizes you as a developer

I was informed there was a change in Comodo phone call back policy. Creating issues for individual developers .

We are working with Comodo on this and they have mentioned to us that they are working on a solution.Stay tuned

Apparently the issue starts from registering with Yellow Pages sites. Most of the sites are not recognized by COMODO and those which are recognized, take 2-3 Weeks for updating your info. Once you register to any of the Yellow Pages, unwarrented calls/emails with offers start spamming your phones and Inboxes.
Even for a company the norms set by COMODO are not easy. Whoever applies for crtificate has to have his name on the Phone Bill. Generally phone bills are in the name of the company.When I asked for alternatives, I was forwarded a URL containing BSNL (India's National Telocom Operator, governed by Government of India). The URL are for 1>for few cities only 2>the BSNL national diectory URLs do not work.
Somebody really needs to look into the issue, to make the process easier.


I am also facing issues to get certificate from Comodo. This is really hectic process, needs to be improved.

Got the certificate finally. But still access to IADP through blocked. Looks like there are 2 registrations or 1 company registered twice. The issue is still pending , but at least I got the certificate.

I suggest you the best way out. Buy a domain on your name. Host a wordpress blog and put your name on the blog. You can use your website, domain and blog for Support, Publicity and Technical Specification. If you are applying the code signing for name say Steve Jones, you can get a domain and website by name

Comodo values such hosted domains more than the Yellow pages and you have chances for approval fast.

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