Ultrabook Not WorkinG

Ultrabook Not WorkinG

I got the pre-released Ultrabook from App Innovation contest. It worked fine for few days. But after that now its not working. I am not able to see the boot up screen even after I turned ON the power button. Any help will be appreciated

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Raise the issue with Premier Support.


I have contacted the premier support but have not got any reply from them. Even the support telephone number at the back of the Ultrabook seems to be wronG.

I just came to know that there is some problem with my lcd touch screen. It seems to be not working. From where I can get support from. As there is no manufacturer or any service tag given on the back. Even the premier support is not responding. I don't know what to do

Hi Nilesh,

Premier support is via web portal and they will respond within a few working days. Assuming you hsve entered you details contact details, S/N, BIOS, etc. You should have an issue number and I suspect you'll get a response sometime on Monday morning PST but that's just my guess.


Thanks David. Hoping for a quick response from intel

This links explains how to join Intel Premier Support: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/joining-intel-premier-support

Hi. do you have warranty yet?

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