cannot do ghost system

cannot do ghost system

1) go to bios cmos
2) setting at security (secure boot) to disabled it
3) set the uefi to csm in advanced setting
4) boot up use by pendrive 

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Have you tried using Norton Ghost its very easy to create an image and create a backup of the system.

30 days trial link

@hclim982 you have posted three messages that are not at al clear in their relevance or meaning. Can you please explain your issue clearly.

If you are trying to back up Windows 8 then use File History as there is *no system backup in Windows 8*. To re image you install Windows 8, Desktop Apps, File History and all Store Apps are installed when you go to the store.


Yes David is correct and he has got good knowledge to support it.He has done lot of experimentaion with Win 8 and you can just go through he has said.Cehck David's contribution to know more..@hclim982 can you just elaborate the issue...with clear steps?

Hi, use to Hiren's Boot Cd

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