Unity3D 4 and Windows 8 Ultrabook

Unity3D 4 and Windows 8 Ultrabook

I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8.
But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial : http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/11/07/adding-multi-touch-support-in-unity-windows-apps
The event is well created and handled but there's no informations about the touch inputs, The touch count is always equal to 0.
Can you help me ? I can provide my code (which is very similar to the tutorial one).
Thanks a lot !

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Hi Matthieu,

Are you using Unity 3D 4? What version (free or pro)?


I am able to use it with windows 8 and i am facing no issues with touch.Currentlu i am developing a protype for Intel Perceptual Challenge and i made the protype with Unity 3.5.6 and Touch Input ,working perfect. I have the Ultrabook provided by Intel.

Hi Ricardo,

Yes I am using the Unity3D 4 Pro 4.0.0f7.


Hi Matthieu,

We are using Unity3D 4 Free 4.0.0f7. When we want to count player events (touch, keyboard, mouse, etc...) and show his score, we usually use a GUIText (score output) inside the Update procedure. We also use deltaTime as a timeframe. It looks like this:

void Update () {

tempo += Time.deltaTime;
if ((posicaoBola.y>=0.5)){ 
....//your events, maybe the counting process

velX.text = "Vx = " + veloX.ToString("#0.00") + " m/s";; //output score to the user.

Where velX is a public GUIText;

Maybe you could solve your problem using the update procedure. Hope it helps! Regards!

It's quite strange because the touch event is well called but there are no informations about the touchCount or the touch positions. Nor from Unity or the dll. If a create a log file registering touch informations, the event is well called but no informations about the touches inside the dll.

Great, I solved my problem !

I am using Intel ultrabook 2in1.I want to do drag and drop with different objects unity3d with hand tracking.plese help me.

hi Mr.kumar...

pease use Raycast for drag and drop....


This app Lightning was developed using Unity and the touch inputs work fine in Android and Windows 8. Take a look: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.profBraga.Raios

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