tested esat smart security 6

tested esat smart security 6

ESAT Smart security is the Best Antivirus for Windows 8 32/64-bit, vista/xp
if you have a laptop and needs a firewall and anti spam, then ESAT smart security is a better choice
NOD32  haven’t had any problems on my systems, everything runs fine, I love ESAT’s small notifies about virus updates, they are sweet and really not annoying and it tells you the antivirus is up-to-date,
ESAT’s updates antivirus definitions twice or more a day, so you might get new antivirus definitions 3-4 times a day!
NOD32 & Smart Security does not use much resources, if you manual scan, then it uses much CPU, but when it runs in the background it takes less than 80MB memory, 0-2% CPU in Windows 8
you can turn on gamer mode when you are playing games it gives better performance than any in its competition.
More than one license is cheap compared to other antivirus products from other companies
I recommend NOD32 Antivirus for PCs and workstations behind a firewall or routers
I also recommend ESAT Smart security 6 for Laptops and people that don’t have router and only have a modem.
Why I recommend this is that your laptop will be more secure to have ESAT’s firewall in smart security, some special things about ESAT Smart security 6 that I like to mention is

  • Anti-theft – By enabling this feature can help you to localize your computer or device in case of a loss or theft.
  • Gamer Mode – You can enable this feature when you are playing games, ESAT Smart Security 6  will take care to provide proper space for RAM when you play games.
  • Parental control – Parental control allows you to configure parental control settings, which provide parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions for using devices and services. The goal of these feature is to prevent children and young adults from accessing pages with inappropriate or harmful content.
  • Latest and free upgrade to new version- you always get free update to your version of your antivirus that is NOD 32 and Smart Security

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I used this antivirus 2 years ago, and used a lot of memory. This problem was solved? It is the second person indicates that this antivirus. Thanks!!!!

Thank you very much for the replay ,yes i tested it and the problem is solved and also i like to tell you in the esat smart security 6

go to Setup>enter advance setup>user interface> unchek Graphical user interface and also sound this will also reduce memory usages.

@Vikrant I will have to check it out.Is there a evaluation version in internet?

yes there is evaluation version available i mentioned on my blog you can download it from there

here is the link to my blog

click here

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