Lost charger for UBIV3SRDQ, can't find compatible replacement

Lost charger for UBIV3SRDQ, can't find compatible replacement

Hello, sorry about bothering everyone with such a trivial issue. The charger for my developer's Ultrabook with product code UBIV3SRDQ is gone (stolen, lost, misplaced?). I've been to a couple of electronic stores and they didn't have any compatible replacement. Are there specs for this model so I know what to look for? I'm really slowed down by this mundane problem, so I would appreciate any help.

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Hi Appfluence,

The PSU is a 12v 4.16A 50W HIPRO HP-A0502R3D.  +ve on inner of connector.

Try Premier Support.



@daflippers, thanks a bunch!


Did you get your replacement adapter. My adapter is not working/charging properly.

Not sure the below one would be compatible





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