App not Compatible error

App not Compatible error

Hi everyone.

I fear I may be being incredibly dense here but I am trying to extend support for an existing app I have published through AppUp to Windows 8. I have tested the app on a Windows 8 Ultrabook and it works just fine. However the validation team have reported that they get the following message, which I have managed to reproduce on my own Ultrabook, when installing the app on Windows 8 (x86 and x64) through the AppUp client.

The error says:

App not Compatible
Unfortunately this application is not compatible with your MS Windows version. Please, contact support for help. Reference Code: 1204 

Here is the screenshot provided by the validation team:

 I get the exact same issue on my own Ultrabook. Given that the app is compatible, in as much as it can be run on Windows 8 without entering compatibility mode, does anyone have any idea what may be causing the issue? I thought maybe it was something in the msi installer but I've used the same msi maker for all my apps including one that supports Windows 8.

I've noticed that, on my Ultrabook at least, the issue doesn't always appear, and instead, the download sometimes just stops a double of seconds after beginning. This also suggests that the app is not getting as far as downloading and therefore that it cannot be anything to do with the app itself. I therefore wonder if this is an issue because I am extending support to Windows 8 from a published app which did not previously support it. Could it be that the client is drawing on the compatibility data of the currently published version instead of the one under validation?

Any suggestions on how to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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