Problem with Intel Anti Theft

Problem with Intel Anti Theft


I'm from Poland.2 month ago I bought a Samsung  ultrabook.

After two or three weeks it crashed. It was a system. 2 weeks after system recovery after booting

I saw on the screen information, that Intel Anti Theft programm blocks my computer. It needed a password.

But I didn't install this programm on my computer, I never heard befor about it.

Where I can find a help in Poland? Samsung service in Warsaw doesn't want to help me.

Please help me, now my computer is spiece of...nothing.

P.S. Sorry for my English.

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Contact samsung customer care service and try resolving the issue.Since you bought the laptop just 2 months back, it will still be under warranty period.


You are replying to a very old post, I suspect you are just looking to gain blackbelt points. 



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