Haswell, S0ix and connected standby.

Haswell, S0ix and connected standby.

I have a simple question about Ultrabook efficiency as I start to go through my first review of a Haswell Ultrabook. This is a software and hardware questions I guess.

Am I right in saying that Haswell S0ix modes only come into play in Win 8 Connected Standby (CS) mode? I.e. Ultrabooks without CS capability don't use S0ix at all.

Based on CS specifications (LPDDR, SSD and background drain pre-requisites from Microsoft) I would expect to see more efficient Ultrabooks in desktop mode, if they are CS-capable.Is taht a fair statement?

My first tests indicate a lower background drain in desktop mode for a non-CS Haswell Ultrabook and I guess that's attributable to new power management of islands and the overall power savings of the new process and SoC.

Any feedback welcome. 

Steve / Chippy.

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