Square of numbers

Square of numbers

This is an application which gives the square value of the given number,not only the no.it shows to text box one for  the starting number and the for ending number.after entering the values we need to  press the compute button,than it shows the square vals of all the numbers from the starting to ending value.for example if we give 1 to 5 then shows the square value for 1,2,3,4,5.if we using calculator to calculate square value for n numbers it take time and work efficiency instead of calculator if we use this square machine,it will helpfull to caculate with small amount

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>>...This is an application which gives the square value of the given number...

What application are you talking about? Could you provide a web-link, please? I think the application could be useful for elementary school students.

Please upload the sample code and the installer file compressed in rar foremat.

You must provide a link to the code.Upload your code on Git and paste a link here.Only then can we comment.

Given the nature of the post and the fact that the OP has only ever posted 3 times four months ago I suspect it is unlikely to ever be answered.


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