Windows 8.1 drivers

Windows 8.1 drivers

Being keen, I have 8.1 RTM installed on UBHB2SDP and sadly something is getting in the way of hibernating the system. I have the following installed: Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio 2013 Window Phone 8 SDK Regards, Hermit PS: I was told that it could be hyper-v related issue but disabling hyper-v has done nothing so far

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Right click at extreme left of the taskbar and choose power options on 2nd from top. Now click choose what the power buttons do link. Now click change settings that are currently unavailable to turn on the hibernate check box. Now uncheck hibernate text box. Finally click save changes. Is this solved your problem?

I've got the same problem, but mine started when updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Then the system doesn't go back normaly when comes from sleep. Also, some devices went "Unknown" and Bluetooth isn't able to start up automatically.

The last issue aparently is solved by unistalling the driver from Programs & Features, allowing Windows to search the driver by itself.

When system goes to sleep I have to do a "hard-reset" by my own :( .

Mine notified me of the requirement to re-install Intel drivers after updating to 8.1.

In 20 years of using Windows, I've never seen working hibernation, so I'm expecting to follow the advice above.

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