Windows Activation

Windows Activation

Hi guys, I'm a newbie dev and recently received an Ultrabook with W8 preinstalled but not activated. It says that I can get an activation key from Microsoft MSDN program but I've been searching for 2 days and I still dont know how to registrate and get an activation key (for free). Little help would be nice ^^.

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It is certainly free if you have a MSDN subscription if you don't then you'll need to either purchase Windows 8.x or ask the supplier of the UltraBook


Thank you David, actually I used a key from MSDNA, and it works perfectly. (didn't want to use it, but seems that I need it).

if you are a student try to join to DreamSpark

if you have a startup try to join to Bizpark

In DreamSpark and Bizpark  you can download many free microsoft products



Hi Jordan,

If these sites are providing cracked products then that it was wrong to post.


They're both legit Microsoft programs - they effectively give you scaled down MSDN subscriptions at no cost (if you qualify).

As Jordan mentioned - Dreamspark is for students, and Bizspark is for startups.  I think your company has to be less than 5 years old.  

I personally HIGHLY recommend Bizspark if you're starting a new venture.  I believe it gives you 3 years of access to Windows/Office/Visual Studio licenses - for internal use only of course.  And it's also the first step in getting MS Venture funding.  Also comes with a year of free Azure access - I think up to $200 a month. 



Thanks for the update, Looks interesting and apologies to Jordan.


Try Applying for Microsoft Bizspark or Dreamspark 

edit: I personally got selected for Bizspark, and have many benifits from microsoft such as Windows Azure cloud services etc.

Hi !

Go to Microsoft Bizspark. This will work for you . 

And yes it is certainly free if you have msdn account. 



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