Did Windows 8.1 fix the graphic driver problems some people were having?

Did Windows 8.1 fix the graphic driver problems some people were having?

Did Windows 8.1 fix the graphic driver problems some people were having?

I am running Windows 8.1 and I am wondering if they fixed the problem some people(including me) were having with video card drivers. Also, do I need to get new drivers?

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That question is so vague as to be meaningless.

Windows 8.1 replacement required me to reinstall the same Intel drivers. The OS put out a notice of that. Non-Intel drivers were carried over or upgraded automatically.

When using an external monitor, the driver blanks the screen up to 3 times after each reboot. I have no idea if that's the kind of thing you have in mind. It's using the Microsoft Generic PnP monitor driver from 2006 and the Intel HD Graphics driver which has updated over Windows Update since I made the win8.1 conversion.

I was having brightness issues with Windows 8 using the Ivy Bridge reference ultrabook.  For what its worth its been working flawlessly under 8.1.

The issue persists in a kind if you upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1 . But a clean install helps.

Hi Harsh,

Does your post mean you experienced the issue and resolved it?  If so, how exactly did your resolve the issue?


I don't have a solution for the problem but managed to circumvent in twice. On a fresh install of Win 8.1 we go with stock drivers of grahics with usual procedure. But before upgrading, I uninstalled the drivers. That seemed working on my machine.

Hi Harsh,

Are you talking about one of the Intel reference UBs, a retail UB or a PC?


I had a retail UB and problem was succesfully tackled on two occasions.

I upgraded my 8 to 8.1 before and I haven't seen any graphics problems. The only thing I have noticed is that some applications are missing so I  downgrade.

Hi Valerie,

Which applications were missing?


After installing windows 8.1 I had a same problem. But it was resolved after installing updates.

I wrote this in Microsoft Forum:

I thinks its just as valid here as there or elsewhere - whether its 8.1 or 10

Dear Microsoft - Thanks for being honest about it

Somebody might appear on the internet and have some solution - there is millions of people with the GMA 3600 0r GMA 3650 in them. Yet how ethical are they - some people are good - yet spyware and etc. I find people discussing how to use it in Windows 10 or they will dump Windows 10 - that is how they feel about it - from this one thing- this one driver. They spent money on this computer - they saved to buy this computer. I think the Intel mobile i3 or i5 or i7 CPU is better. Yet some people do not have money to dump their computer as technology changes. People talk them into these choices of Computers with little to spend - where will their trust be now.

Its a cheap Computer that made it affordable - its small, its light, runs faster, it better when its Windows 10. It works great in school kids hands until they found Windows 10 might be the solution they were looking for.

Its just that one little thing - something better for GMA 3600 and GMA 3650 - as it is it needs better resolution - not some big gap between resolutions - some windows go beyond the screen - therefore can not exit the window that easily - can not push or pull or shrink some windows - they have no scrollbars therefore the reason for different resolutions - yet with better flexibility when its those windows - windows that over whelm the screen - its better than change the resolution - words could become too small. [Yet where is the video or brightness when there is none - that was there before]

For example HP mini 210-4000cto has Intel N2800 and Intel GMA 3650. Yet some company that used Intel N2800 - used Nvidia - rather than GMA 3600 or GMA 3650 - they were smart [Perhaps smart not to use Intel yet they managed to get something better] yet HP used Intel GMA 3600 and 3650 and some other companies too. Therefore that HP mini 210-4000cto only need GMA 3650 software for 32bit software or better yet HP mini 210-4000cto needs 32bit/64bit BIOS software and 32bit/64bit software for Intel GMA 3650 to gain access to Windows 64bit software - with 32 bit software I was getting WEI of 3.6 it could be greater performance with 64bit software - like the HP mini 210-2177nr using Intel GMA 3150 I created 64bit Computer. Therefore this example is to show how little or how close it can be to success with just one or two drivers missing and a few surprises from windows on the screen that overwhelm the screen - when a person spent their money to have a Computer to go to school with - its light to carry, and with Windows 10 it has possibilities of better performance - less wait accessing places. For a school to spend money on these small Computers then change technology cuts the life of a Computer they bought.

Perhaps its best to report - I should know what I saw. I have several Netbooks and Notebooks and Desktops - its not until its bought - can you really see how good it is - where its best to use and keep - with what little I have or as much as I really have - I have enough to give to several relatives.[I just hope they can use it and not blame me rather than the person who made]

There is a reason for everything - cause and effect.

Why should Schools and Children suffer when technologies change - there Computers stops working..

They do not blame Intel they blame where they bought it - therefore companies pick products they can use in there Computers.

Remember when you could only find ---- AMD products - I expected INTEL - then there was more Intel - Perhaps now I know why.


Hi Steven,

Have a look at http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intelgma3600/sb/CS-034806.htm.

The PowerVR GPU was bought in by Intel but caused a lot of problems. Modern Atoms have HD Graphics just like the iCore processors.

Business decisions need to be made and the cost to support needs to be considered. Given a low end processor which is almost 4 years old that has a notoriously difficult GPU and is very unlikely to deliver a good UX the rational behind the decision not to support Win 10 on this platform is clearer.


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