DELL XPS12 2In1 Ultrabook MousePad Bug

DELL XPS12 2In1 Ultrabook MousePad Bug

It is Windows 8.1 system. In desktop mode, when i used mouse moving cursor, sometimes it was acted like swipe touch screen on left edge and active an metro program. That is completely unexpected. This is a critical bug to me and unacceptable. It interrupted my normal workflow in desktop operation. It is a design flaw of Windows 8.1 for laptop with touch screen. Using mouse for edge swipe should be disabled in 2In1!

BTW The mouse pad of XPS12 needs to be retested for its user experience. The left button press is on left half side on just on the left corner? confused. 


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For what it's worth, I have seen the same sort of effect with other trackpads - Charms appearing etc. but very intermittently. I therefore prefer to use a mouse if I can.


an intermittent pain is the worst user experience, that is why I call it a critical bug. My mouse (track) pad of 10 yrs old laptop worked perfect as expected but today's ultrabook still caused trouble. You know how upset I am. 

I suspect the newer trackpads support multi point touch and they occasionally misinterpret movements as gestures which didn't occur on the older single point touch.


David, you are right. The XPS12 track pad is a multi-touch pad. Even more it is like Apple's Mac track pad. There is only one left mouse button. The right mouse button is two finger press. This completely changed the laptop track pad of Windows. I can use two fingers move as scroll bar.

You can click in the lower right corner as a "right click" - you just need to click fairly low on the pad.

I'm personally not a fan of the touch-pad on the XPS12 either but otherwise it's a pretty fantastic device.

Yeah, the right corner can be a 'right click'. So track pad was divided into three areas. what a hell.

To swipe bug, I found that this track pad tried to simulate Windows 8 touch screen. So when I swipe from outside left edge into the center, the switching task will happen. OK, I can accept this design. But the bug is when I swipe from inside and near left edge into the center, the switching action happened as well. That is a bug for sure. Try touch screen what happened.

Designer/Maker may need redesign this touch/track pad to make it useful:

1. Maker should declare this is a special touch/track pad.

2. Simulate two mouse buttons not divide more than two areas.

3. Correct side swipe bug.


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