API for reading thermal values on NUCs motherboard.

API for reading thermal values on NUCs motherboard.

Hi, I was told by joe_intel on NUC forums to present my problem here.

We need official API to read temperature from motherboard that give proper values. 3rd party tools we have tested give no data or values that are far off and supposedly are not real (130C on mobo).

joe_intel wrote: you may want to use the Intel® Desktop Utilities instead of having to create the application.

Sadly, this tool He mentioned is not sufficient because it is only a GUI with a possibility to create an alert for this particular OS/user. What we need is a possibility to gather RAW data and send it to server.

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The motherboard has all the temperature sensors and interfaces (which may be proprietary) so I would have thought the best place to ask how to access the sensors would be the Intel NUC forum so I am surprised they have pointed you here.  From your question you have tried the standard APIs so I think you need to escalate on the NUC forum. 


Thanks for the post.

I have replied on NUC forum but I fear I will be bouncing back and forth between these 2 forums :/.

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