Windows 8 Ultrabook for development

Windows 8 Ultrabook for development


I am Spyro, Director and Programmer at BlackSheep Games studio, we develop games mainly for mobile platforms and we are a Premier Elite Partner with Intel (and we love it!). I have contacted Intel Support for my request and they pointed me out to the forum.

We are responsible for 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!', which has over 2,000,000 downloads and have used an Intel powered tablet in the past to include the x86 architecture.

We will very soon (9 September) launch our second, better and more fun game, called 'Galactic Missile Defense', below are some features:

1) Freemium game with IAP as a monetization model (ranged from $1.99 to $49.99). Will change slightly, depending on the platform support.

2) No intrusive ads (you only see ads if you want to do so).

3) A lot of resources invested in graphics quality, code quality, GUI and controls. It is as smooth as it gets.

4) Scalable content, can be updated with new items for the Shop without breaking gameplay at all.

5) Challenging (more challenging than Angry Chicken) gameplay.

6) Leaderboards and Achievements (where supported).

7) Responsive design that changes GUI depending on the aspect ratio of the display.

8) Resolution supports a wide variety of displays (also retina display for iOS) and can run gracefully (without distorting or up-scaling images) on 1440p displays (Quad HD). Highest native resolution is 2730x1536.

9) Targets high-end devices and consumers.

10) Will be eventually released across all major platforms.

I would like to ask, if it is possible to ship us a Windows8 Ultrabook, like the ASUS Taichi 31 or similar, so that we can use it for the development purposes of the Windows 8 version. We believe Ultrabooks are great and we would like to enter that market effectively, using the power of Intel to help us. I am asking Intel first, because you have sent us an ASUS tablet in the past and we thought that this may be possible with an Ultrabook as well, so we know where to invest our resources. Please let me know your thoughts about this subject and how we can collaborate to skyrocket the game to all platforms. Thank you and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,

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share the app link with us

Yeah We would like to check it out :D 

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